2016-2017 Goodview Elementary School Staff
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Principal: Andrea Eisner
Building Secretary: Judy Casper
Building Custodian: Mike Bronk
Media Center: Vivian Angst
Health Office: Doreen Blank

Kindergarten: Claire Baur
Kindergarten: Natalie Mehling

1st Grade: Holli Wright
1st Grade: Katrina Glick 
2nd Grade: Marie Tibor
2nd Grade: Judith Yess

3rd Grade: Britta Browne
3rd Grade: Matt Reuter
4th Grade: Anna Deeg
4th Grade: Kimberly Moran

Phy Ed: Brad Ellings
District School Nurse: Kristin Coudron
Music & Orchestra: Betsy Neil and Carol Ramsdell
Art: Jeff Morgan
Reading corps: Christina Kees

Counselor: Brenda Volkman
Psychologist: Amy Halverson
Speech: Peggy Northrup

Special Education:Kayla Spalding
Special Education: Natalie Connell

Educational Assistant: Shelly Vogel 
Educational Assistant: Carla Erickson